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How to choose a qualified pair of anti-static shoes
Anti static shoes can guide static electricity from the human body to the ground, thereby eliminating static electricity from the human body, and effectively suppressing the dust generated by personnel walking in a dust-free room. So anti-static shoes have become a necessary anti-static product in the production workshops of major enterprises, such as electronic semiconductor devices, electronic computers, electronic communication equipment, and integrated circuits in the microelectronic industry. Therefore, enterprises attach great importance to purchasing anti-static work shoes. So, how can we choose a pair of high-quality and suitable anti-static shoes at the right price?

There are many types of anti-static shoes, including anti-static four eye shoes, anti-static slippers, anti-static medium towel shoes, anti-static sleeve boots, and so on. The wearing experience and anti-static effect of anti-static shoes vary with different styles, so the price of anti-static shoes also depends on the material, style, and workmanship of the anti-static shoes.

Anti static shoes are suitable for pharmaceutical factories, food factories, electronic factories, clean workshops, laboratories, etc. Anti static shoes are made of PU or PVC materials, which are used to make the sole. The sole is made of anti static and anti slip materials, which can absorb sweat and odor, as well as achieve anti slip and anti static functions. It is integrated with the upper and then reinforced with thread reinforcement. It can effectively leak static electricity and form a complete anti-static system together with anti-static clothing.


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