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What are the functions of dust-free cloth?
Nowadays, many enterprises need to use dust-free cloth, which can be used to wipe and clean the dirt on the surface of components, and has the function of not falling debris or generating dust. So what are the functions of dust-free cloth? Let's take a look together.

The requirements for the environment in a dust-free workshop are very high, and some high-precision instruments are also produced and processed in a dust-free room. Therefore, it is necessary to use a dust-free cloth to wipe them. The dust-free cloth is soft and has a good feel, and will not scratch the instrument equipment. This way, the damage to electronic components is minimized.

There are many main characteristics of dust-free cloth. Ordinary dust-free cloth is made of polyester fiber double woven, with a soft surface and easy to wipe sensitive surfaces. It does not remove fibers during friction, and has good water absorption and cleaning efficiency.

Fiber dust-free cloth generally uses laser and ultrasonic waves for perfect edge sealing. Dust free cloth is now widely popular in the market, and its non falling properties can effectively ensure the cleanliness of the use environment and the quality of work.

The widespread use of dust-free cloth not only reduces production costs, but also effectively protects electronic products from dust and static electricity, and does not cause any pollution. It can be reused.

In a dust-free workshop, as long as the environmental quality is well controlled, dust-free cloth can play a specific performance role.


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