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Can clean clothes undergo high-temperature sterilization treatment
Friends who wear clean clothes know that clean clothes have a smooth texture, are anti-static, do not shed fibers and particles, and are very common in clean rooms. However, some industries have high requirements for clean clothes due to their special properties, which require high-temperature sterilization treatment. So, can ordinary clean clothes undergo high-temperature sterilization treatment?

In fact, ordinary clean clothes cannot undergo high-temperature sterilization treatment because the raw materials of ordinary clean clothes are made of nylon and polypropylene filaments, which are not heat-resistant and easily deformed in high-temperature environments. Therefore, ordinary clean clothes cannot undergo high-temperature sterilization. Only professional high-temperature resistant clean clothes can withstand high-temperature sterilization. They are made of polyester filaments, which have good heat resistance, It can undergo high-temperature sterilization.


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