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Precautions for purchasing dustproof and electrostatic clothing in electronic factories
Everyone is familiar with electrostatic protective clothing. This is a special type of labor protection work clothes, and many enterprises require employees to wear anti-static clothing during the production process. The same applies to electronic factories. Do you know what to pay attention to when purchasing anti-static clothing? Let's take a look together.

As we all know, electronic factories produce some electronic components. If employees in the factory do not wear electrostatic dustproof clothing, static electricity will have an impact on electronic components, especially some precision electronic components, which may suffer irreversible losses. Therefore, when choosing electrostatic dustproof clothing, electronic factories must pay attention to its anti-static performance and quality, and must not seek cheap and inferior dustproof clothing for a moment.

When selecting electrostatic protective clothing in electronic factories, it is important to choose a qualified manufacturer of electrostatic protective clothing. Comparing the quality of electrostatic protective clothing manufacturers mainly depends on their production qualifications and cooperation cases with well-known enterprises. The quality of electrostatic protective clothing produced by qualified and legitimate manufacturers is more reassuring, and after-sales service is also more in place. At the same time, famous enterprises generally choose suppliers with more guaranteed product quality and have product testing reports, because famous enterprises purchase electrostatic protective clothing in strict accordance with national and industry standards to check the production qualifications and product quality of suppliers.


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