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Layout requirements for food cleaning workshop
1. Food workshop layout: The layout of the workshop should not only facilitate the interconnection of various production links, but also facilitate the hygiene control of the processing process to prevent the occurrence of cross contamination during the production process. A tool cleaning and disinfection room should be set up in an appropriate place in the workshop, equipped with cleaning tanks, disinfection tanks, and rinsing tanks for tool cleaning and disinfection. If necessary, there should be a supply of cold and hot water, and the temperature of the hot water should not be lower than 82 ℃.

2. Water supply and drainage facilities in the food workshop: The water supply pipelines in the workshop should be routed as uniformly as possible, and the cold water pipes should avoid passing over the operating platform to prevent condensation and dripping onto the product; The drainage ditch in the workshop should be paved with smooth and impermeable materials. During construction, there should be no unevenness or cracks, and a slope of 3% should be formed to ensure smooth drainage in the workshop. The direction of drainage should also be from the clean area to the non clean area.

3. Ventilation and lighting in the food workshop: The workshop should have good ventilation conditions. If natural ventilation is used, the ratio of the ventilation area to the workshop floor area should not be less than 1:16. If mechanical ventilation is used, the air exchange rate should not be less than 3 times per hour. Using mechanical ventilation, the airflow direction of the workshop should flow from the clean area to the non clean area.

4. Temperature control facilities in the food workshop: The workshop for processing perishable and perishable products should have air conditioning facilities. The temperature in the meat and seafood processing workshop should not exceed 15 ℃ -18 ℃ in summer, and the temperature in the meat pickling room should not exceed 4 ℃.

5. The most crucial aspect in food production is sterilization. Our company strictly adheres to industry norms and standards in the design and construction of the clean workshop project in the food factory, ensuring the most important aspects of food safety with high standard equipment and construction techniques.


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