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How to choose high-quality anti-static clothing
Nowadays, employees are required to wear anti-static clothing in production workshops to ensure product quality. Therefore, a large number of anti-static clothing have emerged in the market, with varying prices and quality. For some buyers, they may be at a loss when choosing. So, how can we purchase qualified anti-static clothing? Let's talk about the precautions when choosing anti-static clothing

1、 Fabrics for making anti-static work clothes
The anti-static clothing adopts specialized anti-static fabric, which is made of polyester fabric woven with conductive wires in the warp or weft direction. It has efficient anti-static, dustproof performance, thin and smooth texture, and is a hot spot with clear patterns.

2、 Performance parameters of anti-static work clothes
The appearance of anti-static clothing is generally similar, and it cannot be seen by the naked eye alone. The correct method is to use static testing instruments to test the anti-static clothing, and those that meet the standards can be purchased with confidence.

3、 Qualification and strength of anti-static clothing manufacturers
1. Check the manufacturer's business license, relevant product qualification certificates, and testing reports!
2. You can also check the operating time and scale of the manufacturer. Professional manufacturers can avoid many after-sales problems, and choosing a strong manufacturer is also beneficial for after-sales protection.


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